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Dr. Aishwarya Thakre (a.k.a Dr. Kaveri Patil) is a registered Ophthalmologist and a National level Basketball player and trainer. She completed her medical school from MUHS, Nashik. During her time in Medical school she served in several leadership positions in sports and academics. She also served as Sports secretary in Student's council. While managing her extra curricular activities she also managed her studies and also scored a distinction in Ophthalmology. After her graduation she went ahead and completed her residency and surgical fellowships in Ophthalmology from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical college, Pune. It was there she developed a passion for teaching and mentorship and later joined as a Faculty and Consultant in Department of Ophthalmology.

During all these evolving years she maintained one thing constantly in her life and that was her love for the game of Basketball. Being a National level Basket ball player and a health care professional she uses her skills to train kids, the basics of Basketball. She has trained many Elementary and Middle school students right from her High school years and also conducted free basketball camps for under privileged kids. She still continues her free training camps here in New Jersey during Spring and Summer breaks

  • MBBS , Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, India

  • MS (Ophthalmology), DP University, Pune, India


Dr. Aishwarya Thakre is an accomplished and dedicated Ophthalmologist with 12 years of extensive experience in treating eye related conditions in adults, pediatric patients and a speciality in Sports Vision management.

  • In-person and online consultation

  • Comprehensive eye checkup

  • Contact Lens clinic

  • Dry Eye disease Management

  • Medical Retina Management

  • Paediatric Eye care

  • Sports vision Management



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New Jersey, USA